September 29, 2015
Stephen Dent loves few things more than creating a new recipe. However, one of his oldest and most trusted recipes is his homemade spaghetti. He is a lover of all Italian food, but reserves a special status for spaghetti. It is one of his favorite meals of all time, chiefly because he enjoys the process of cooking it, though eating it is certainly fun as well.

Stephen Dent loves how much spaghetti recipes can vary, whether it's the type of noodle that is being used or what type of meat. Chicken spaghetti, spaghetti with sausage, or the traditional red meat sauced spaghetti, these are all classics that Stephen Dent has cooked on multiple occasions in the past. How much time he has, what materials are readily available, and what he's craving are all factors that help to decide which spaghetti recipe Stephen Dent will use.

Stephen Dent enjoys the process of cooking very much. For him it is a way to wind down after work and focus on something that there is an immediate reward for. All the hard work he puts into a meal, he gets out of it later when sitting at his table, fork in hand.
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